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People- Liberty- Equality-Fraternity-Responsibility


“Our mission is to encourage Tamils all over the world to come together as one community and form a synergistic social, economical and political high trust entity that will empower every Tamil to become a great citizen with self esteem, self respect and self sufficiency to attain a new state of freedom”.


Devotion, Unity, Help, Education, Service, Sense of belonging, Respect, Fraternity, Freedom,, Responsibility, Cinqgeneration (five generations), Peace, Harmony, Determination, Perseverance, Investment, Knowledge, Wisdom, Conviction, Commitments, Conscience and much more. We live and breathe justice and prosperity to Tamils all over the world.


Our goal is to raise the conscience, quality and standard of living of Tamils all over the world to be in par with the rest of the high Trust societies


“Mahinda Rajapaksa is man who grew up getting away with violent and criminal activities”
The year was circa 1970, a wife dies or suspected murdered, and father of the suspected murderer was a prominent man at the political establishment and a parliamentarian of a remote city with very little literacy. The Law enforcement, the judiciary, the lawyers and other prominent members of the society know each other well. It was an exclusive club, which is the centre of power and control. Son got away scot-free.

Yes, The Mahinda Chinthanaya or we call it operation Mahinda, resembles such a scenario. He took control of the parliament, took control of the law enforcement, he took control of the Judiciary, he took control of the military, he took control of the press, he took control of the money printing and he finally created a paramilitary with his own thugs. Now he is the head of all. What is that he cannot do and what is that he cannot get way with? Nothing can wrong, no body to question and those who questioned were taken care by the Para-military. He was able to buy people; those who cannot be bought are summarily murdered.

Then he set out to control the world. He got India, then he got China, Pakistan is cake walk.
He got 3 billion people fooled or bought. What left is Europe, USA and the Tamil Diaspora. The center of power is England. Now you all know why England is called GREAT Britain. Mahinda Rajapaksa, like Napoleon and Hitler, met his waterloo at the Oxford at the hands of the Diaspora.

For the last several months I have been spending awful lot of hard earned money buying books to see if there is any moral justification to what was going on in Sri Lanka and the world capitals.
I just could find any evidence or justification to what was going on. Some said read about Plato and Marcus Aurealius. Still I cannot find any moral justification to the atrocities happened and the war of words going on. As I read more and more the evidence was in against what was going on.

I thought how two of the most populace countries in the world vis-à-vis India and China could go wrong. But I stood by absolute morals despite 3 billion people voted in favour of Mahinda Rajapaksa. Some one asked Einstein, how were you able to see so far into the universe, he replied I stood on the shoulders of the Giants, the giants were Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Aurelius etc. You know they were more Philosophers than scientists.

Mahinda Rajapaksa is known to have violent and criminal mindset; his idol is Yakadaya, the serial killer, then Mervin Silva another violent man and Wimal Weerawansa, a spur of the moment criminal. His brother Gothabaya is recorded in the media as “I will kill” person. There are so many others around him who are all criminals and thugs.

As far as I learned killing people is wrong, that is a universally accepted norm. But neither India nor China said anything, but the British said it. That is why it is GREAT Britain. We sat dumb founded because everything we studied and learned all of sudden look wrong. Educated people, emancipated people, and elders they all kept quite. Russia said nothing, china said nothing, India said nothing and USA the Bastian of democracy said nothing, the United Nations said nothing. Here is man gloating at the world. I lived with this injustice with impunity for 60 long years.

Freedom fighter were redefined as terrorist, people who took to the streets were called supporters of terrorists, hard working businesses were called front organizations and Mahinda Rajapaksa is finally are highly sought out speaker, mediator, diplomat, ambassador and peace maker in the world. He is the modern day Mahathanamuktha, the legendary problem solver. We were warned not to air our views. We told them at this age, what do we care? Come or go Chicago. We stood on our moral high grounds, and we kept moral compass pointing north and our moral gyroscope standing steady, our ship set out, sail up, rudder firm, we kept sailing through the tempest.

It was morality on trial, instead of serial killers. Moral compass was deflected and not pointing north any more, it was in favour of criminals and state terrorists hiding behind sovereignty, a nation’s virginity and chastity. Morality was on sale 90% off and for sale at the flea market and garage sales. People were bought and sold. I knew a Radio Station owner, a courier operator, A jeweller, I doctor, a blogg operator, all Tamils sold themselves for pittance. Mahinda became a new idol and pillar on morality. Killing is okay, that was the new morality

Here is one for Rajapaksa to think over and about. A murder suspect wanted to hire a world famous criminal lawyer.

Lawyer: What are you here for?
Defendant: I hear you are the best, will you represent me?
Lawyer: What are the charges?
Defendant: 1st Degree murder Sir.
Lawyer; I am too expensive, can you afford.
Defendant: any amount you demand sir.
Lawyer: let’s start, did you kill that person?
Defendant. NO SIR.
Lawyer: You don’t need me.
Mahinda Aiya, you are lawyer, did you get the message? You don’t need the GREAT LIAR Peiris to defend you.

Mahinda Rajapaksa is the biggest and greatest obstruction to investigations, adjudication and Justice in Sri Lanka. He is turning a blind eye to almost all crimes why? Because he is the man behind all these crimes. If he allows United Nations to investigate he will definitely be found as the root and primary cause of all murders.

As I said earlier he has every possible road leading to him closed or under his control. He wants his son to succeed him so that he will never be hauled before a criminal justice commission. He has all possible avenues worked out within Sri Lanka, like Robert Mugabe, he is safe as long he stays within Sri Lanka and stay in power. Sarath Fonseka will be dead before he comes out of jail. Thirty months is the time he needs to find way to cause “Natural death” to Fonseka. I am not doctor but fundamentally a person dies when infection over runs the immune system. So if Mahinada weakens Fonseka’s immune system, some infection will take over, it is either tuberculosis, which we all have or pneumonia which is the standard infection of weak immune system.

But the problem is Mahinda never considered the outside world; he thought China will protect him.
It appears that China is slowly distancing away from him. All evidences point toward Mahinda Rajapaksa as the prime suspect in almost all murders that happened in Sri Lanka.