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People- Liberty- Equality-Fraternity-Responsibility


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“Our mission is to encourage Tamils all over the world to come together as one community and form a synergistic social, economical and political high trust entity that will empower every Tamil to become a great citizen with self esteem, self respect and self sufficiency to attain a new state of freedom”.


Devotion, Unity, Help, Education, Service, Sense of belonging, Respect, Fraternity, Freedom,, Responsibility, Cinqgeneration, Peace, Harmony, Determination, Perseverance, Investment, knowledge, wisdom, Conviction, Commitments, Conscience and much more. We live and breathe justice to Tamils all over the world.


Our goal is to raise the conscience, quality and standard of living of Tamils all over the world to be in par with the rest of the high Trust societies

About 3 months ago at a checkout counter a Chinese looking girl spoke to me in Tamil, ingewango, ingewango, (means come to my counter). So went to her spoke in English, she told me Thamilil Kathayungo, (speak to me in Tamil). She spoke so well I was shocked and I was proud.

Then another day a White man at a coffee shop, he said vannakam, koppiya wanga wanthaningal (Did you come to buy coffee). He told me he is a bus driver and the Tamil students taught him to speak Tamil. He spoke very well.

Then I went to a customer of mine and this African brother said Vannakam enna intricko sunnakam (why are you late today).

So why are these people taking time to learn Tamil? Why not Chinese or Hindi? I guess it is our Integrity, Determination, Perseverance and hard work that make us irresistible. Have you ever seen a spider web? You remove it, and within hours it will be rebuilt. What does it tell you?

Tamils, Bankers love us, Politician like us and business leaders cherish us, why? There is something in us that we don’t know but others know. There is some world-class nature in us. The trouble is that we didn’t take time to teach our Singhalese brethren our greatness or they have been mislead by their religious and political establishment.

The Singhalese do not know that they being scape goated and sacrificed by their pseudo leaders, but we have a great opportunity now that they are among us and they will soon hook on to our great cultural features and build a great life for them. Invite them into your homes and show them who we are, do not fear them, they humans too.

It is we who have to salvage them from the spell they bound into. We have to rescue them from the Cyclops that holds them in the dungeon. We have to show them there are better way to conduct our lives instead of serving the sheiks in the Middle East and the visiting tourist.

God has given us unlimited wealth and also gave us the brain, mind and body to harness the wealth of the universe. We can create great things and great quality living by employing our hands, mind and brain. The freedom of Tamils depends on how effectively we get the Singhalese people around us and away from their loser leaders. We also have to write a code of ethics like Bible or Quran, so that we have a reference which will keep us committed to one faith.

In the home front, the Diaspora must exert its social, economic and political pressure in the South Asian region so that the Tamils in Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia and South India are recognised as important players in that region. The Singhalese in Sri Lanka may try to reintroduce terrorism to frighten India, but the battle will be fought in the board rooms with brief cases. If Sri Lanka cannot comprehend the new direction there is very little we can do except take the Singhalese people to our side and offer them a better solution. In fact the Diaspora must finance both Tamils and Singhalese at the same time. The progress that is being made by Diaspora grows by leaps and bounds and this wealth has to be invested wisely in the South Asia to bring about political freedom to 65 million Tamils.

We have to help our people in that region in education and advanced technology but not into maid service and tourism. Communities must be educated to understand life better, money alone is no factor in deciding civilized living. People have to become socially and politically conscious and conversant. I do not think either Singhalese or India will do that for the 65 million Tamils. It is the duty of the Diaspora to provide financial and intellectual assistance to our folks.

The Singhalese political establishment and the religious establishment may revive the threat of terrorism to stay in power, but it is the skill of the Diaspora to convince the Singhalese that their economic emancipation depends on how they interact with the Tamils.

The two very salient feature of Tamil culture is the strict adherence to Trans- generational family and the Wealth-Wisdom balance. It is this strength that gives this communist the power to withstand barbarian invasion. Imagine if not for the Diaspora they would have buried in pits. But the Diaspora stood up to it. We must be eternally grateful to the constitutions and the leadership of the western nations especially that of Great Britain and United states. We owe them a lot.

The problem in Asia is compounded by the Chinese disregard for human life and human rights and the Indian discrimination and segregation. Economic emancipation is not the entire measure of the success of any nation, it is only part of it, but there are several social factors that are needed to be successful.

Tamils in Sri Lanka and else where must stand steadfast, firm and resolved. Do not be fooled by the offers of Sri Lank, Chine or India. They should take car of their people first. India and China may be big in population but small in land area per head. Their wealth has to come from outside. They are more dependent on the west than people think.

Tamils in their own traditional way learn to live without a government, Governments are good if they do the right things but did Sri Lanka ever had proper government, do they know how to govern a civil society? When a government fuels civil riots and state terrorism it is not a government it is a curse.

Mind changes with circumstances but hearts are rooted in the universe. So when people change their mind they can change again. But hearts do not, you are born with it. Why am I saying this, because do not fooled by the change of mind of Singhalese and their leadership. They do not have the heart to accept Tamil are equal and free. If at all we have to live with them it is through covenants and irrevocable agreements and contracts not with trust and understanding.

Since Tamils are about 70 million strong but without a nation of ours, we have to invent new forms of organisations to take care of our needs, that is where the borderless transnational organisation will be of help. It is a way for the minorities’ world wide to air their grievances to world governments. We must also build our social, political and financial assets so that we will be listened to. Money and size matters. We also have to demonstrate to the world that we a great people who can be trusted with responsibility. It is the duty of every Tamil to participate in community building. Always remember the fish the jumps out of water always dies. I have seen people who step outside the community lose their physical and psychological strength.

And to conclude, as I always say, Tamils unite, stay together, work hard and never ever give up.