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My name is Subramaniam Masilamany, I am a Tamil, to day my topic is

This day, this is the day, today is the first day of peace in the minds of Tamils and Singhalese!

The problem with Tamils is that we don’t make much effort to build our self esteem, self respect, self reliance and self sufficiency. We kept looking for freedom but it is within us about how we esteem ourselves. Secondly the Singhalese have no self esteem either they have been imbued into fanaticism, racism and barbarism. It is their culture. There is nothing Tamils can do about it, what we can do is to deviate from them, differentiate ourselves and associate with other world-class communities.

What is self esteem? It is a sense of feeling that you are unique and your life is a precious gift and to cherish it uncompromisingly and to devote your life to serving the universe that endowed you with this great gift. Plato said until all humans become philosophers having great wisdom and greatness there will never be any end to social pestilence. And I always believed and accepted that Clear Conscience in an invisible but invincible force. “No human can excel well in his endeavour without feeling great”. I hope all my brethren hence forth define them and work relentlessly to build a great society.

I feel sorry for the naïve and innocent few Tamils who still think that we should look upon to the Singhalese for our freedom. They don’t have it, in fact, they think that we have it and they want it, so reach out and give them, we are endowed with the never ending fountain of wealth lets share it with them and make them part of our family. The Singhalese people need our help more than we need their help. This day, this is the day, today is the first day of peace in the minds of Tamils and Singhalese! Sounds philosophical then read Plato and Marcus Aurelius on meditations. We are going to be magnanimous.

We are set out to remove the stigma and silent subjugation imposed upon the Dravidians by the invading barbarian from both North and South. No Tamil should feel guilty about it for they were indoctrinated into inferiority. If you keep telling some one that he is a loser sooner or later he will begin to believe in it. So it happened 3500 years ago and we were told that dark skinned people are inferior and it continued on for 2 millennia. But some of us after living in the free world realised that with so much of intelligence capability why do we still behave like second class subjects.

For 3500 years this moral degradation has been going on and this has lead to a morally and physically weaker community of people and we have subconsciously accepted a lower status in life. Scientifically caste system amounts to smaller inbreeding populations that produce weaker people.

I am an avid reader, so one day I saw a book written by Dr.Norman Vincent Peale about the power of positive thinking. As I read I felt like a dark curtain lifting in front of me. Then I moved into books by Og Mandino, Steven Covey, Anthony Robins, Zig Zagglar, Andrew Carnegie, Robert Schuler, Dennis whitely, and very many others and I recovered from the 2 millennia of curse laid on my thought processor. Then I began to write. My first book is” Yes You can”. Then I wrote a book on “Successful immigrant”, and then I wrote “Mighty oak from tiny acorn”. The unedited versions are available on It is free. There are lots of things I learned; some of them are Self image, Self esteem, and self respect. The most important quality I learned was that there is direct correlation between “How I feel about myself” and my performance. Translated into economic terms, if you want to be successful you have to recover your self image, self esteem and self respect. Norman Vincent Peale taught me how positive thinking can alter my life and health. Robert Schuler taught me have perseverance and determination will pay off. When I read I recovered my convictions When I changed my inner qualities, the outer appearances changed. There is nothing wrong with people except they live in an assumed imaginary world of inferiority and superiority. If we accept every one as equal and capable in their own way they we begin to develop respect for ourselves and each other.

I notice that the Tamils are different from rest of the people of the Indian subcontinent. They are very enterprising, hard working, family oriented but they have this inferiority complex and second class citizen syndrome. So here I am going to help my people to re-examine their status of their mind. Why do we fear other races and intimidate our own? When it comes to other races we are with our tail in-between our legs and when we see our own kind we get superiority complex. No self respecting man will classify another man as inferior. That mentality leads us to behave like inferior people among other races. I have been mixing with other races, they respect you the way they want you respect them. Bill Cosby is an African by descent, but Americans do not call him a black they call him a comedian, because he believed in him.

Let me explain you folks about how the caste system came into being, it is described in the book called “lessons of History by Will and Ariel Durant. The invading Nordics from the North of India found the Dark skinned Dravidians were too much to handle. So they devised a plan to weaken them, they knew from their experience that smaller inbreeding or intra marrying population are weak in vary many ways. So they introduced this caste system that segregated people into smaller intra breeding or intra marrying populations and here we are a weaker race with all forms of diseases.

So we have problems with our nature and nurture. We have to rectify both. Nature is what you are, the entelechy as said by Plato, Nurture is what you can become. If you ground yourself on your natural talents and nurture that nature you will become invincible. That creative force within you has to be nurtured to unleash its power.

Tamils are very good in education and learning but are we good in Entrepreneurship? Education is what you study and learn, it does not give you the courage to be self creative, but you need it. You learned what other researched, Right? Now you have to create your own. If you are a parent encourage your children into art, music, handicraft, self experimentation etc. Tamils must venture into Inventions and discovery.

I want to say something about leadership, which we Tamil miss a lot. The word leadership is an acronym. If you split it, it has L for listen, E for educate, A for analyse, D for decide, E for empower, R for regulate, S for streamline, H for harness, I for inspire, P for proliferate. If you want lead a community of people, you don’t carry them on your shoulder, you cannot, but you empower them to carry themselves to unleash the creative capacity within them. We were smothered down to subservient people by very many people, very many times. That is narcissism. The old feudalistic thoughts and acceptance must come to an end. Every Tamil should feel empowered and excel in their own capability and capacities.

One more fact, intelligence is what you develop within your life time, it cannot be genetically transmitted, it has to be transmitted through indoctrination. So if you are born in an uneducated family you can become an educated intelligent person. We have to get every Tamil excel in life. Even if one person is left behind it will be drag on the community.

That is all for this week. And as I always said all Tamils must unite, stay together, work hard and never ever give up.

My name is Subramaniam Masilamany, a world class Tamil powered by convictions, commitments and Conscience.