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Ladies and Gentlemen,
My name is Subramaniam Masilamany, today my topic is bedtime story for Tamils.

Bedtime story for Tamils, Children please read this to your parents


Folktale is that once upon a time there lived a school of fish in a pond. But among them were a few innocent, naïve and sometimes naughty fish that kept on banging their head against the wall of the pond and sometimes hurt the other fish too.
The other fish kept on telling these naïve fish please do not tamper with the wall of the pond because if the wall breaks we will all die without life giving oxygen from the water. Some of them listened and obeyed the golden rule not break your own community and gave up their naughty habit. But some did not pay attention and kept on banging on the wall of the pond. Finally one day the wall broke and the gush of the water carried away these naughty fish. But there was sufficient water left in the pond to keep the faithful fish alive. The lady of the house returned home just in time to find water all over the house and saved a few of the wriggling fish on the floor and put them back in the water, but very many of them died. Which one of the fish are you?

The morale of the story is that your community is your life giving sanctuary, do not destroy it.

And as I always say get united, stay together, work hard and never ever give up

My name is Subramaniam Masilamany, A worldclass Tamil powered by convictions, commitments and conscience