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Let me tell you the truth, when we took the first few steps we never thought we will go this far. Indeed we are surprised at the speed at which freedom is unfolding. Therefore my fellow Tamils never ever hesitates to take the first few steps and you will be surprised what can be achieved.

To survive as Tamils we have to unite, Please listen to what Jean Jacques Rousseau have to say,
“I assume that people reach a point where the obstacles to their preservation and progress may prove greater than the individual strength they have. Beyond this point the existing state of conditions cannot endure, exist and assist them and the human race will perish if it does not change its mode of existence”
-Jean Jacques Rousseau
Therefore Tamil have to unite and find a new way of existence. Our progress forward depends on our united and concerted effort; we have come to the limit of our individualistic progress, further progress depends on how we unite as one community of people.

Therefore we have set out to build a new model for Tamils worldwide. We are building a team of 65-70 million Tamil people living all over the world. This will be the biggest team ever. Let me give you the good news first, forget about the traditional form of governments. E.g. the concept of a country with in the physical borders and the creation of a sovereign nation, with its government and the government having jurisdiction over the citizens. That is the old model. In early 1980s it was proposed that the existing forms of governments are not suitable for the modern world where money, goods and information flow freely. .This is the new world. Religions, business, money and information are Transnational. Internet has made governments less relevant. So if our Tamil folks wonder who is going to lead the freedom struggle, the answer is simple we are all going to be leaders like the Boston marathon where every body runs but no leaders, all winners. Modern democracy wants every one to be a leader. One leader or even few leaders do not have the capacity, experience and wisdom to lead people. All Tamils must learn to behave in such a way to maintain and strengthen the community. I see people of Muslim faith have one common faith and they all obey it. Similarly Tamils must a have a faith and we all must obey that faith. We have to develop that sense of belonging and brotherhood. The family, the community, the sense of belonging are important to our own survival.

Therefore every Tamil is now endowed with greater responsibility than before, you have to take care of yourself and also the community. Forget about looking up to any leader to lead you, you are your own master and you design your own destiny and you work for it. You are a free man to live your own life. No sheep all shepherds.

The borders are dissolving; governments are bankrupt, but people move on. The world will function normally if the government is taken out of the equation. So if the governments are less important and are becoming irrelevant and redundant why try to form a government, why looking for borders and restrict your fortune.

That is the background on which we Tamils are going to be the pioneers. We invented the Katamarm. We pioneered international trade and travel. “Borderless Nation” is our contribution to the new world. So here we are set out to build a formidable team of people, whom we have not even met before. But the mission is so pure, so divine, and so selfless it is succeeding. To bring all Tamils living all over the world under one ideology we have to come up with a plan. Our mission is to.

“Our mission is to encourage Tamils all over the world to come together as one community and form a synergistic social, economical and political entity that will empower every Tamil to become a great citizen with self esteem, self respect and self sufficiency”

We need to have a set of things to do to achieve this mission, they are:-

1. All Tamil must accept each and every Tamil as members of the same alliance; all Tamils must be united whatever difference exists in our thoughts.

2. All Tamils must educate their children at least for 15 years of education, which means a basic university degree.

3. All families must respect the sanctity of marriage and the institution of family. No one owns the family but we all belong to the family. A sense of belonging not ownership. Every family must have at least 3 children.

4. All families must have Trans-generational families, 3 generation form part of family.

5. Must own home and land free and clear of any obligations.

6. Must promote building educational institutions, Research and development.

7. Building our own professional services such a health, legal, accounting etc.

8. Promoting business formation, Business is the source of wealth and employment.

9. Earning, Saving and Investment to ensure total control over our own destiny

10. Promoting good relationship with resident government and other communities

The Sri Lankan Government acts like an insecure and inferiority complexed child; it is bent on destroying the Tamil will, freedom and peace.The Sri Lankan government is doing false propaganda to divide the Tamils. But Tamil people must not succumb to such narcissistic attempts. Tamil people remain calm and resolute in the face of an unreasonable enemy.It is our duty to help them to wean out of the self destructive behaviour.

. The goal the tamils is one, the resolve must be one, but the pathways may differ. All Roads lead to one destination. Therefore there cannot be any division. Tamil culture is Trans-generational so there is no point compromising our long term stability to short term illusions. Tamil must think as a family, as group and as community. As we always say, a fish will only discover water last but it is too late. Community is the pond in which we live. It very important that we tolerate small shortcomings to look at the larger picture.

As I always say, all Tamils must unite, work hard, stay together and never ever give up. Tamils in Sri Lanka have to be optimistic and have faith in Diaspora, we are working relentlessly not only to free you but to unite 70 million Tamils worldwide to give us much better political and economical clout in world capitals... Please rest assured that we will free you. God bless you all, we are with you.

Thank you for listening
My name is Subramaniam Masilamany, A World Class TamilPowered by convictions, commitments and conscience