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Ladies and Gentlemen, My Name is Subramaniam Masilamany, I am a Tamil, and today my topic is:

Every living being is born free, equal, and extremely talented and must have the freedom to make choices within a social and sovereign frame work.

My subject is primarily about Tamils, because that is my immediate survival sanctuary. If every Tamil person wants to be free, here is a simple procedure. Freedom is not something any one can give you. If and when you think the other man is holding on to your freedom, it is your fault for having bargained it for something else, it is your fault for having given your freedom to another person. May be you bargained in good faith, may be for food, may be for a vocation, and may be for your property. But freedom is non bargainable, it is absolute and non negotiable, you don’t bargain for anything. . In Sri Lanka what the Tamils are asking for is partial freedom in the form of concessions that is where we failed. We have to make it discrete, absolute and non negotiable. We must not ask for freedom, we must take it; it is our birth right and it is non negotiable (Malcolm X). If we take this to the Singhalese and tell them listen in the last 60 years we made no progress, because there is an inherent defect and fault in our mindset and our system. We are both not free, so in the interest of both you give my freedom and you keep yours. If any Tamil is stupid enough to think Prabaharan was a terrorist you better think again. He wanted to take back the freedom and the Singhalese would not give it back. Unless Singhalese, Tamils and others become free there is no socioeconomic emancipation to any Sri Lankan, including mahinda rajapkasa, why does he have to sleep in bunker if he is free?

Therefore it is each one of us to, retake our freedom and reclaim our sovereignty. No force in the world can stop you from taking back your freedom. So, starting today, at this very moment, every Tamil must work honestly, earnestly, dedicatedly, sincerely and relentlessly to reclaim their freedom. Freedom is state of mind, to acquire this state of mind you have to free yourself economically. The science of economics is all about how to feed and preserve our life. Every Tamil must become a sovereign power unto oneself. When we as a community have sufficient number of sovereign persons we become a sovereign nation. This is how we build a self esteemed, self respecting and self sufficient nation. No one can take way that nation and its freedom. Today you are without freedom for you gave up this freedom and now seeking freedom from Singhalese. Wrong move, Take it back.

Sri Lanka is not a free country; Mahinda Rajapaksa is not a free man either. He has never tasted freedom, if he is free man then he has will free every around him, otherwise he has enemies. When you have enemies you are not free. Why do I have to teach him democracy? If a nation has to wake up and wait for the first tourist to get off the plane to put food on the table or some sheik in the Middle east to make mistress out of a poor village girl from Sri Lanka to make a living there is something not fundamentally wrong but terribly wrong with this country. It is a nation of servants, servitude and slaves not sovereign citizens. One must see the smile on the face of Mahinda rajapaksa when another country gives a loan. He cannot comprehend beyond pan handling.
Therefore every Tamil must work oneself to economic freedom first, and every Tamil must become a sovereign person unto oneself, Freedom is mostly about property rights. If there is no property then we are all totally free and the rule of the jungle will prevail we do not need that state either. It is our inability to take control of our lives and to become dependent on some one else that we lost our freedom. There is a lake called Neuchatel in Switzerland where the villages around this lake are several sovereign nations, each nation is a family unit. When we reach that kind of socio economic stage we do not need any one give us freedom, we are free from our dependency on someone else. Every Tamil must work relentlessly to free them from the dependency on Singhalese.

So my friends, get up, put together a plan and work at is till you free yourself. When you become free you will know how good life is. Until such time as I always said get united, stay together, work hard and never ever give up

My Name is subramaniam Masilamany, A world-class Tamil powered by convictions, commitments and conscience.