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DEAD CHILDREN AND LIVING PARENTS- November 27th, it is the Remembrance Day and tribute to the fallen heroes.

Ladies and Gentlemen, My name is subramaniam Masilamany, I am Tamil, today
my subject is

November 27th, it is the Remembrance Day and tribute to the fallen heroes.


I hope this video will touch the hearts and minds of Tamils and non Tamils. In Sri Lanka, the freedom movement was actually conceived, organised and carried out by Children. The world didn’t know it so they called them child terrorist. The suffering of the children in the hands of the racist and fanatic Sri Lankan, religious and political establishment drove these children to become a freedom force. This is the truth and The Sri Lankan military and the leadership has admitted that the freedom fighters were in fact children. And to kill these innocent children defending them is the worst crime against humanity. Half the world participated while half the world stood by did nothing. This is the worst case moral prostitution by the man kind.

These children stood up to the invaders, barbarians and criminals bravely and died valiantly. There is no parallel to their bravery in history! The invaders used Chemical weapons, Supersonic jets, heavy artillery and mass scale propaganda world wide to kill the sprit of freedom, while the United Nations and other world nations did very little

These children never went to war with the Singhalese but to defend their parent from the abusive behaviour of the establishment. Prabaharan was mere 17 years when he joined this defensive movement. At no stage these children went to war with the Singhalese masses. So then why would the world call them terrorist?

Tamils and Singhalese lived peacefully up to 1958, Tamils were studying Singhalese language and Singhalese were studying Tamil Language. But who stopped it? The problem was our northern neighbour, India; India cannot permit Sri Lanka to becoming another Singapore, Hong Honk, Taiwan or Dubai. What ever went on in Sri Lanka was all conceived and planned in New Delhi. The Singhalese politicians and Religious establishment took advantage of this situation.

There is rumour that the last 30 years of civil war was all managed from India. India does not want a vibrant Sri Lanka or a Vibrant Tamil community. They have to manage these two dilemmas.
So far they have been successful. Solving Sri Lankan problem is simple for a nation like India, but they do not want primarily a stable and prosperous Sri Lanka and secondarily a vibrant and stable Tamil community in the North and East of Sri Lanka. India is the prime suspect in these 50 years of political turmoil in Sri Lanka. India lacks the moral will and the political skill to maintain cordial relationship with both Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan Tamil community.

November 27 the thus becomes a day of remembrance of the children war heroes. Most adult either left the country or stood by. So in the struggle children were the primary sufferers and in fact my family lost one nephew at an age of 14.

What the world must understand is why would children picked up arms to defend their community? There must be compelling series of atrocities must have been committed on Tamils. In May 2009 40,000 innocent Tamils and high proportion of children were killed by the use of prohibited weapons. Who provided the arms, logistics, command and control? India and China, Where were world the leaders? Where were Ban Kid Moon, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama, Putin, Mann Mohan Singh, and Ho Jintao when innocent people were slaughtered? Did they even say one word? No, because they are mere puppets of the insensitive and ruthless world establishment. It is the inability and the lack of moral highness and clear conscience that lead to this genocide. There is more on its way in very many nations. The credit bubble is bursting every where and soon people will take to streets and take down the establishment.

The world population owes a huge debt to the Tamil children who laid their lives to bring forth this issue to the fore front of world’s attention. In this respect the world must concede that we declare November 27 the as the Remembrance Day for the fallen children of freedom.

The current state of world affairs was predicted by Nostardamus in his original book written in 1452.
I am fortunate to have copy of this book. Nostardamus was able to predict all these events. According to him 1999 is the beginning of the catastrophic direction. If the people who fuel and fund this global instability have any sense of feeling they know where we are heading.

As the native Red Indian Chief Seattle said what befalls the weak will soon befall the strong, there is no force stronger than nature. If the Sri Lankan massacre of children does not wake up the world, the world will one day wake up to an uncontrollable and unmanageable catastrophe.

We Tamils have a sacred duty to help the world understand the under currents that shape the world’s directions. We must inform the world as much as possible the effects of moral degradation at the higher places, world capitals and within the minds of world leaders. This November 27 is the indisputable, irrefutable and conceivable evidence of the things to come. But remembering this day we Tamils are in fact helping the world to understand the precarious precipice that world it at. We need true and honest leadership. What can one Barrack Obama do, he needs help and support.

China and India are two emerging economies but emerging threat to world stability for they are not true free democracies. True democracies have means to moderate the vicious thoughts of nasty leaders. Their governments are not truly elected by popular vote. One is feudalistic and other is communistic, neither of them is suitable for the world. Our effort must be to find ways to neutralise these to monsters.

As a Tamil I think India is bigger threat to Tamil is Sri Lanka. The Singhalese have understood that very well, but the Tamils are slow to understand this situation. Tamils, we speak Tamil and practice Hinduism because of our proximity to South India, otherwise do have anything in common with the Indians? Religion and language are acquired characters, so we can learn any language and practice any faith and live well. But if the Indians helped to kill Tamils knowing that we practice their religion and speak their language, then there is some very definitely reason for them to be against the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

This is what our children taught us; unfortunately they are not living to be part of us. I may spark controversy over this for there are Tamil who are bent on keeping a failed religion and fault Indian culture. Tamil must develop their own culture. Tamils in Sri Lanka are hard working, industrious and persevering people. We differ from Indians in very many ways and we must foster them to give us distinctive and distinguishable culture and taste. We find more in common with the Caucasians than with Chinese or Indians. We find our attitudes; affections and work habits resemble more like European and American. We are here in the west doing extremely well and are well cared by the respective government. It is time for Tamils to think and think again.

Our children through their valiant and fearless effort gave up their lives to give us golden nuggets of wisdom. We shall build monuments comprising 1000 pillars at very street corner for their remembrance and as a reminder.

As I always say, all Tamils must unite, stay together work hard and never ever give up

My Name is Subramaniam Masilamany, A world class Tamil powered by convictions, commitment s and conscience.