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Good day ladies and gentlemen, my name is subramaniam Masilamany, I am a Tamil, Today my topic is


“A man who controls men will only control men, but the one who controls money controls them all”

Let me make it very clear at the very outset about what I mean by creating wealth. It does not mean that how individuals acquire, accumulate, manipulate, and or rearrange already existing wealth for their own benefit. Quite the contrary, I mean how individuals can take the naturally available raw resources and convert them into new wealth, for the benefit of all citizens of the society. Everything is free except we add labour.

Money, the common denominator, is the total value of the all exiting wealth. Printing money without corresponding production will only lead to higher prices. More money chasing after fewer goods is called inflation and sometimes galloping inflation

Tamils must direct their energy towards this production side of the economy. Nothing happens, except inflation, till the farmer and the factories pick up their tools and create something new and tangible. The Sri Lankan problem is rooted in this inability of the Singhalese to see this. They think the Tamils are taking away their livelihood. With so much of natural resources, fantastic climatic and weather conditions and the vast resources of the Indian Ocean if they cannot formulate a national economic policy to provide decent standard of living to the Singhalese there is nothing the Tamils can do about it.

The Tamils understood the global nature of the world, took advantage of it, moved out and spread all over the world where there is conducive environment for their creativity. Instead of following their initiative the Singhalese are bent on destroying Tamil will and determination. We feel sorry for them. Singhalese are trying to defy the natural laws. They will never succeed.

There is something else Singhalese can learn from Tamils too, the importance of family and its trans-generational structure. Japanese, Germans and Koreans are very strong in their family integrity so are the Tamils. No man can excel without a family. As we say in America behind every successful man there is a very capable woman, it simply means a stable and successful family. I run a successful tiny corporation, its secret is the support of my family and stability of the families of my associates. Can you relate to it? There is also another message for the Singhalese, stop messing with the Tamils; they are your best national asset. An intelligent and a wise nation and leaders will preserve and foster them, but what you are doing is trying to destroy it. You will only destroy your self. Guaranteed. The Europeans and Americans are very wise in that they took the Tamils and have given them all facilities to create wealth.

Racism, Fanaticism and Barbarism has no place in any society, then why do the Singhalese foster and propagate it? However much we tell them it does not seep into their head. You have created 20 million people who are backward thinking. These people are now doing menial jobs in Middle East and servant’s jobs in the tourist industry while the Tamil are running government departments, corporations and enterprises world over. Some one has to think.

Stealing from Tamils will only feed you a day, but if they can learn from Tamils and follow the saying of Confucius, “Give a man a fish, you will feed him for a day, but teach him to fish he will feed all his life. It is the same china man who is giving arms to kill innocent Tamils. Has the Chinese gone bonkers or backwards? Barbarism and Buccaneering has to stop or will be stopped.

What the Singhalese must understand is that burning and vandalizing ones educational institution is no way to raise the intellectual standard of your own Singhalese. Only an uncivilized barbarian will not know the value of the education, experience, enlightenment and wisdom. When the head of the nation does not condemn such acts he is either part of it or he is proliferating it. All flow of events indicating his connivance in such nefarious and narcissistic activities.

No nation can hope to proper under state sponsored narcissism and terrorism. These events are a clear indication why Tamils do not want to live with the Singhalese. Nowhere in the history there is any evidence of an invading army destroying the sites of learning. When I called them barbarians some people objected to my categorization. But I will stand by my postion

Now the world of people can see the difference between the two races, one is industrious and creative and other is indolent and destructive. The world has a responsibility to weed out this kind of narcissism at its sprouting stages otherwise this may become a standard for rogue nations.

In the mean time Tamils must work hard stay together and never ever give up.
Thank you
Subramaniam Masilamany, A world-class Tamil powered by convictions, commitments and conscience