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Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Subramaniam Masilamany, I am a Tamil, I love competition and I love opposition, like a kite I fly well in the face of opposition and adversity.

Today my topic is something that touched the heart beat of whole world. An event that displayed human courage, resolve, unity, care, compassion, hope, faith and above all love. That was in Chile to rescue the 33 trapped miners in the San Jose mine. It is lesson for the Tamil community.

In the same planet earth in a country called Sri Lanka, we also saw the display of brutality, cruelty, barbarism, racism and fanaticism among the Singhalese, who killed 40,000 Tamils indiscriminately.

How does one explain these two totally contradicting display of human behaviour? Rescue in one country and revenge another country.

It is not a time to despair, but a time to face up to the challenge-
Subramaniam Masilamany.

“When men lack creative capacity they go into fanaticism, racism and barbarism” - Subramaniam Masilamany.

“When men lack creative capacity they go into fanaticism, racism and barbarism” - Subramaniam Masilamany.

“Our mission is to unite the community under one mission, one vision, one ideology, one principle and one constitution, but not under any man”- Subramaniam Masilamany.

“Our guiding light is the unanimous will of the Tamil people” Subramaniam Masilamany.

I hope you all watched the rescue operation at the San Jose Mine in Chile. This rescue would not have been possible without total unity, synchronization of so many, the importance of believe faith and hope of every citizen of Chile. It is an example and eye opener to Tamils. We can achieve our freedom with one simple effort, if we all can unite our mind and might with one and only mission and as one force. It is now our turn to demonstrate to the world that we can rescue our community too. Let us show the world that we can. Yes we can.

In Chile, hope, faith, unity, courage, determination and perseverance paid off. They all believed in that, impossible is nothing. How did 33 people survive the first 17 days? They organised themselves into one team. You see at the top of the back ground “organized to be the best”. That is it. It was there before San Jose incident, it will be there forever. What Mahinda Rajapaksa is doing is to disorganise our community, is Mahinda smart or are we Stupid?

Let me give this opening remark as a reminder that the Tamil struggle forward will be carried by determined honest citizens, professionals and elders among Tamils. Time has come to have the calibre of people who will be accepted by world leaders. Soon we will be talking to the world leaders, rest assured.

We invite all elders, educated, experienced and capable people to come back into the forum and help us shape the struggle. All Tamils hitherto stayed away please come back and give us your advice, ideas and feed back and assistance. “An idea is worth a million dollars”. Let us form one unified force that the Singhalese have to reckon with. If you remain divided Mahinda will play one against the other. He is an expert in divide and conquer and in the art of deception. Every Tamil must carry the task to himself or herself; it must be an individual and joined effort. We will, if we unite in our resolve.

To lead and reach any successful objective, one needs resolve, knowledge, skill, intelligence, experience and wisdom. If you don’t have it, you have to get it. Education and Experience are the bed rock of intelligence. Today wars are won or lost by knowledge and information, not by sticks and stones.

And those who belonged to the previous apparatus please grow out of your feudal mentality of intimidation and imitation. Going forward transparency will be the highlite of the struggle. The Two institutions TNA and TGTE will have to develop credibility among the world of nations and the United Nations. The theme is Trust. We must behave in such a way that all nations will appreciate our resolve and desire. Trust is like a Bank account, we are over drawn, time to return and replenish our Trust account.

Actually speaking lots of Tamil people stayed away because of the nature of the people who were manning the operations. Any time we mention certain names out come the bad news. Good people were pushed out or sidelined.

No Tamil should donate or give money without proper legal understanding of the people who collect them or you can send money through reliable people or you can send the money direct your people in Sri Lanka so that the real recipient will get it. Any one who wants to collect funds otherwise must produce resident government enrolment and registration. Every Penney should be accounted for and financial returns filed with the government. We want the new struggle to proceed with credibility. TGTE and TNA must become conversant and conservers of money and the management of it. Economic emancipation is the only way to rescue and free our people.

At the current state of the community, it is time for all of us to come together and accept the elected bodies as our true representatives and all others can form the opposition. The next election of TGTE is 3 years from now and any one opposes the current TGTE members may start their campaign now, get elected and change the way TGTE functions. Our future direction will depend on how we articulate our diplomacy, professionalism, financial management and our technological expertise. Money is always the centre of power; money represents human cleverness and money is basically a store of human intellect. Tamils are extremely goods in money making and business management we must take that to much higher level.

Tamils don’t need any more cliques and organizations. Why? We have an elected government that will accept people who are chosen by the people. Right? Do you want to fight for the rights of Tamils or do you want to live like a parasite on the community. If you do not want come forward, run for the office and work as part of the team of elected parliament, you have some narcissistic agenda or even may be an ignorant person who can be manipulated by another ignorant person like the thugs running the government in Sri Lanka.

We understand that there are few remnants of the previous outfit causing disharmony in and among the community. The first question the Tamils must pose to them is what is your motive? What is your agenda? And what is your vehicle to freedom? Let’s face all of them and find out what is in their mind. Put me to test and show me where I am wrong and I will change, put me to test and test me out if I have the necessary credibility, intellect and entelechy to work with you, work for you.

Let us all get together and mount a formidable democratic economic force which other forces will recognize. It is a war of association, where people with economic means come together to forge a new world order and where all people can chose the standard of living to their own choice and making. Some people display their total ignorance by disputing a legally and democratically elected government for Tamils and some display their immaturity by being stubborn and indignant, they have to change or they will be left behind.

The Tamil community did not take any action against its own members because the community did not want punish some one, but if some one tends to be parasitic and profiting from the community, the time is up to apply the law of the land to rectify their devious mindset, there are very many civil and criminal statues available to stop communal and cultural mischief makers. We will find the statue that will fit your crime. The community is fed up with some individuals and it is time to put on notice.

Last but not the end, please let us all unite and fight for our own freedom, I think Tamils do not know the real feeling of freedom for we lived under foreign and local domination for centuries. Time to become free, free yourself first. And I always said Work hard, stay together and never ever give up.

Thank you very much,
My name is Subramaniam Masilamany, A world class Tamil powered by convictions, commitments and Conscience.