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Free and Democratic institutions have become ever multiplying deadly cancerous forms and personalities.

Let us plant the seed of future in the hearts of our younger generation so that their children will have bumper harvest.
Subramaniam Masilamany

In this fast becoming one small global village where events happen in nano-seconds, how effective, efficient and relevant are governments? China and USA are intertwined inseparably; if one country makes a mistake it may cause mayhem in the other country. That is the way the world is, it is all wired and connected. Greece was in trouble at 9.00AM European time, I was fast asleep and forget to put in the stop loss orders on my currency trading program and when I woke up in the morning I lost $10,000. What has Greece got to do with me? Why should I pay a price for the foolishness of the Greek people? I am a Sri Lankan, sorry to say that, living in Canada, a gifted nation, trading in London, city for integrity, something happens in Greece, Euro plummets and I lost my money. Can you now comprehend the finer details of global connection at the street level?

Who else is better placed than Tamils to take advantage of this global inter connected economy through our global presence? we have Tamils all over the world, a very good connection. So all Tamils must get actively involved in promoting and developing our own community economy for all goodness. When I do well, when you do well, when we all do well, the community will do well and when the community does well we all do well and I will also do well. What goes around comes around. When money talks every one listens. Making money is a simple art, but it needs character and charisma. When will a fish discover water? When it is out of water, sorry too late. If the Tamils have not discovered the importance of community, time to change alliance and join another vibrant community. I will do it soon.

We Tamils must make a fresh look at governments and see if they are relevant or are they responsible or are they true representatives of the people. Sri Lanka is a prime and plum example of how badly democratic institutions can be failed and how crooks and criminals can get into power. Therefore Tamils must rethink about the role of governments in their lives. Do we need them or go the family based governance. Family based government is where each family unit becomes an economic self sufficient entity with bartering for goods and services with neighbours.

This morning news items from Inner City Press confirmed my contention that the United Nations and the secretary general are accused of some miscarriage of moral laws We need a moral re-armament of the world institutions. Mr Ban Ki Moon and his son in law Siddarth Chattergee, an Indian and worked for Indian army is Sri Lanka and involved with the Sri Lankan government. Corruption, nepotism and cronyism have crept into the top echelons of the global government. From tiny nation of Sri Lanka to United Nations there is trouble. What should the people do? At this moment is history we have to go back the "Neuchatel" Concept of governance, where as motioned above each family becomes a government unto itself. Neuchatel is mountain side lake around which are found self sufficient families. Rousseau calls them “Family Governments. All people from Jaffna can you relate to this?

These corrupt pirates, politicians and bureaucrats are messing around with the lives of ordinary people whose daily attempt is to meet their minimum needs and to live on these innocent peoples hard work amounts to institutional and corporate parasitism. Tamils are extremely good in running family based businesses; therefore they should work in that direction. Business Corporations are still in the infant stage where there are several ways to misappropriate wealth therefore that is not suitable for Tamils who demand extreme discipline.

Do we have the power to overhaul this corrupt world government? No, to do that we need a new world order therefore we go back to the old, well tested system of absolute morality and religion. We have to let morals over reason. Morals are absolute but reasons are relative. When judges and jurors lack morals, reason will prevail and whomever who has the loosest tongue and open wallet wins and morals die. When I was morally wrong and legally right I won the case and when I was morally right and legally wrong I lost the case. I rest my case!

Where do we go from here? We do what we do in times of trouble and turbulence, remain calm, and pray to almighty and hoping that this too shall pass. The world has become an amoral, insensitive and uncaring collection of people. Therefore there are few things we can do as a small collection of people:

1. Pay attention to your family, I mean cinqgenerian family. Cinq means five. See two generation before and two generation after. There must be at least 3 living generations under one roof. Four is still better. In these families are bred excellent leaders, caring, loving, trust worthy, honest, sincere, community minded people.
2. Bienfaisance, pay attention and do good to your community and world for its welfare, what ever you put in will come back many folds
3. First 5 years of the child is devoted to moral development, which is before the age of reasoning begins.
4. Next 20 years to arts and science up to University level
5. Next 5 years into research and specialization at the post graduate level. We want to build a community of exemplary people who will be the idols for the new generations worldwide.

That complete the first cycle of life, which is the learning phase

6. Instead of working for some one else, go into your own self employment, if some one hires you and can make money out of you then you can make all that money for yourself. Think about it. Think about the government assistance and tax advantages.
7. Building a business is simple art; let me give it to you in one verse. Find a need and fill it or find your talent and offer it. All one needs is 250 customers for your product and rest assured you will find it.
8. Build life for others, bienfaisance, I spend more time on the welfare of my associates families than on my business. They run the business; I remove all the obstacles to their performance.
9. Get your children educated well; our community is in total disarray in our motherland because their gift of education was taken away. Barbarians invaded and destroyed our institutions of education.
10. Money will come if you manage your affairs meticulously. Trust me money just flows like a fountain of never ending river, but takes about 20-25 years

That completes your second cycle, which is earning phase

11. Now that you have made it, it is time to give it away, more you give more you get. Get involved in Charity and Philanthropy
12. Get involved in community activities.
13. Write a book
14. Get involved in volunteer service, you health depends on how you keep your brain, mind and body active.
15. Travel a lot, at this age you learn much and more on seeing things and the work of others. This is the age you are a mentor for the grand children and leader for the community. You are senator who applies moderation to aggravation.

I am an aggressive person with in the perimeter of the law of the land, a few times wandered around and paid a little and learned a lot. But I never accepted defeat but quick to ask for forgiveness when I was at fault.

Never in my mind I had any nefarious thoughts, never meant bad for any one, but I was wrong many times, dishonest never. Disappointed very many times, discouraged never. Impossible is nothing.

I am very much disappointed at this stage where my Tamil community is. But I put in what ever I can put in. Lets us plant the seed of future in the hearts of our younger generation so that their children will have bumper harvest.

As I always say, “work hard, stay together and never ever give up”

Thank you for listening

I am Subramaniam Masilamany, A Worldclass Tamil, powered by Convictions, commitments and Conscience