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Global Tamil Development Bank, an offer no Tamil can refuse.

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Global Tamil Development Bank, an offer no Tamil can refuse.

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Good day Ladies and Gentlemen, My name is Subramaniam Masilamany I am a Tamil

Today my topic is going to be the establishment of Global Tamil Development Bank

Archimedes said, “Give a fulcrum, give me a lever long enough and give me a place strong enough to stand and I will move the planet earth”

“Give me enough money I will buy the world” Howard Hughes

Freedom is an unalienable un-negotiable, un-bargainable and invincible force of nature, do not tamper with it. - Subramaniam Masilamany.

We are, as a community, offer to every Tamil worldwide, a bargain of self preservation and self interest for coming together to form a community Bank. We are offering a better performance, better quality of life, better security, better education, better employment, and better business conditions. If you are already doing well and above average or even at the pinnacle we still offer a system that will make you much better. Will you accept it? The answer must be an emphatic YES.

Man is basically an emotional, amoral egoistic being that makes decisions mostly based on egos and emotions and less on reasoning, therefore our solution is within the realm of logical reasoning, self preservation, self interest, self satisfaction and self emancipation within a community of people.

What we have done here is that we have combined emotions, egos, insecurity, security and reasoning all in one package so that there is unanimous agreement and support. This srikes at the core of our sprit of freedom and the desire to live with positive anticipations. We want to wake up looking for a good day and make it better for tomorrow. While doing it good for us, without any effort we are going to make it good for all, when the community does well we all will do still better tomorrow. Looks like we have found the answers to the next civilization. So basically we are offering a collective programme with self interest, self preservation, self progress and self satisfaction in mind while offering a logical reasoning.

If we Tamils can think like this, don’t you think as a Tamil you should proud as a chosen citizen and we should be proud as chosen community? Does any one wants to call me a racist, then I will call you an immoral uncaring animal for you watched 40,000 innocent Tamils massacred in one day with the help of India and China while UN look the other way. It is not the United Nations any more it is an Uncaring Nations. I do not worry about opinion and reasoning any more, it did not come into consideration. Bureaucrats and politicians are immoral amoral uncaring people. We need scientists, theologians, entrepreneurs along with bureaucrats and politicians among the members

Tamils worldwide must stop barking at the wrong tree, banking on the wrong organisations and bickering about the wrong leaders. UN is a boneless, toothless, gutless organisation. Have you ever noticed that they always choose a weakling as the Secretary General? Have you ever wondered, why? Therefore let us take control of our own destiny. It is simple but we don’t try and we are told not to try. It takes time, an oak tree takes time

This idea of the establishment of a Tamil Bank caught attention of very many people; therefore this week topic will be the establishment of a bank for Tamils, call it Global Tamil Development Bank, Jaffna Bank, Tamil Eelam Bank, Dravidian Development bank, North East Development Bank, etc.

Tamils in other parts of the world have written to us that Tamils worldwide must be included to give wide representation and the strength and power on numbers. Therefore we should call it Global Tamil Development Bank or in the interim we can call it North East Development Bank.

What the Sri Lankan Tamil must understand is that Tamil in other parts of the world are living in much difficult social, economical and political conditions. They are beginning to look upon us to be their messiahs. It is time for us to make an offer to all Tamils world wide. It looks like the Tamils of Sri Lanka cannot think beyond their self interest, but there are more Tamils in the world. We have to become part of the world Tamil force.

Here are few suggested feature of such a Bank.

Our Motto is,“Our commitment to our community is our source of power.”

Our mission is to combine and invest various resources to create people, products, and services among the Tamil community especially in around the world.

Our commitment for absolute honesty, integrity, trust, transparency, perseverance, dedication, determination and fully democratized form of administration...

Our Pathway to prosperity is dedicated to invest and develop community resources to create opportunity for economic and technological advancement and better living standard of Tamils worldwide.”

The Purpose of Global Tamil Development Bank is

To create investors interest through economic advancement
To ensure more than average return on investment
To ensure more than average growth in equity
To provide employment opportunity among the community
To create prosperity within the community via virtual enterprises
To encourage intra-community trade and commerce
To make Tamils worldwide as a social-economical-political force that other powers will
recognize and reckon with.

Our Investment process is to invest in various sectors of the economy, locally and then globally and manage to yield desired results. All investment capital will be secured with the certificate to the value of the investment at par. All investment capital will be held in income bearing liquid assets until suitable investment is recognized and approved by investors and share holders

Investment Guarantees

All liquid investments are guaranteed up to the currency value plus the earned interest. All other investments are guaranteed up to the market value of the investment.

Why invest with Global Tamil Development Bank?

Global Tamil Development Bank the first of a kind of global corporation owned by the Tamil community, managed by the Tamil community, for the betterment of the Tamil community.

Tamil National Alliance, our political representatives, must insist on the formation of an independent Bank. And, it is for the Singhalese to allow Tamils to mind their own business, that way no Singhalese can claim that the Tamils are alienating the Singhalese people and their economy. If they do not want recognize Tamils as a culture of people that needs different strategies. I am sure Singhalese do not want another Palestine in their door step.

Since 1970 s we have been saying this to the Singhalese, let us develop our own economy but the Singhalese establishment was not in favour of it, they were against it. If the Singhalese think that they are mighty because of the their number we will find an equalizer, but if they want us to recognize their uniqueness we will be very much delighted to uphold their heritage but if you want to impose upon us it will never work and it never worked in the history. Tamils on their side must become magnanimous and recognize the uniqueness of the Singhalese heritage. “Let us understand them before they understand us”.

What the Singhalese must understand is that they cannot put a lid on the fire of freedom, man is born with it, and secondly no man can deny another man his rights without losing his rights. In the last 60 years what happened to the Singhalese masses is the proof of it, whereas Tamils go out and got ahead. May be they used intimidation and violence against the Tamils in Sri Lanka but Tamils are regrouping outside by bringing Tamil all over the world. Freedom is an unalienable un-negotiable and un-bargain able and invincible force of nature, do not tamper with it. Therefore the Singhalese, in their own interest, must let the Tamils mind their own business. May be the geopolitical situation is in their own favour but that it not for too long. We are going to convince India and China that their investments and interests will be better served by aligning with the Tamils.
Economic freedom comes when a nation matches its consumption needs with Productive capacity, not by exporting as in the case of China or importing as in the case of USA. Why should this revelation must come from a dark skinned coolie from Sri Lanka? Japan, Germany and Tamils are three real free nations

It is not a warning but it is human nature that the Tamils are going to figure out a way to regain their freedom, there is nothing Singhalese, India or China can do anything about it. Number alone does not confer any absolute advantage (Sun Tzu). Allies won the war not with huge military but with one weapon, one night and one man (Opphenheimer)
Sri Lankan is a small island and surrounded by water, whatever advantage it gives, it is also gives the equal disadvantage, the difference is the way it is configured.

Do the Singhalese want to live in constant fear or do they want to make peace with the Tamils. Kavantissa (Am I right?) told Dutta Gemunu not to war with the Tamils that was 2553 years ago but he did, he won the war but the Tamils lived on. The fundamental is man is a free animal no one can control that desire. If the Singhalese do not learn this after 2500 years they will never learn. They don’t know freedom either; eternally they live in constant fear and poverty.

Tamils want to progress into next civilization but the Singhalese wants to live in feudalism that is the core of the problem in Sri Lanka.

As I always said my friends, “Stay together, Work hard and Never ever give up”

I am Subramaniam Masilamany, A world-class Tamil powered by Convictions, Commitments and Conscience