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Ladies and Gentlemen, My name is Subramaniam Masilamany, I am a Tamil. Today my topic is.


3500 years ago in India and Sri Lanka, the dark skinned Dravidians were systematically made into second class citizens by the invading Nordics. In this book, “The lessons of History by Will and Ariel Durant it is mentioned that the temples in Southern India, where I have never been, display the extra ordinary capability of Dravidians. And also how they were divided and conquered by the introduction of the caste system, Caste system is a highly advanced scientific system to besiege and to be league a race of people. That was then when man was still in his infant stages. The world has changed but the destruction continued. Man is an amoral immoral animal.

The recent debacle of Tamils in Sri Lanka is not a feat by the Singhalese or China or Indians. The defeat came from within us, the division based on the caste system introduced by the Nordics. A caste system is a way of silent genocide by causing inbreeding depression. In the science of genetics, when smaller populations intra-breed inbreeding depression is introduced. No suspects, no one is guilty and no laws to prosecute the felon. If you want to divide a community just subliminally introduce division and they will destroy themselves. Tamils are said to be a community strongly divided by their caste system and weakly united by their language and religion.

So that is that and this is now, we are in into the 21st century. The world has to become one nation, no borders, less government, more self rule and moral guidance. “A wise man needs no laws for he is law unto himself.” Internet has changed the world forever. It is a blind world for better.

Today Tamils don’t have a nation of their own and in India 70 million Tamils have been made into film fanatics. They live shorter life and leave no legacy. How I can I guide my son or daughter if I die early? Today one has to live longer beyond the age of 75 to make and maintain a successful community. Every Tamil must take care of their elders who are best mentors.

A friend said Tamil worldwide are doing well except in South India and Sri Lanka. Why has the cradle of civilization stopped rocking? The Indians in the north and Singhalese in the South are keeping us sandwiched so that we cannot express ourselves. So we Tamils living outside the Indian area zone has to stimulate education and creativeness among our brothers and sisters in South India and North Sri Lanka. I saw and read an email where a few illiterate and inexperienced Tamils including an eminent religious “leader” are involved in name calling and mudslinging while the barbarians colonize our sacred land and traditional Tamil areas. It is a shame on all of us for we did not make any attempt to rescue the community after the war. It is our responsibility to rescue, regroup, redirect, re-emerge and resurge.

It is our responsibility, instead of blaming each other and name calling, to do some thing in our own individual way to re-glorify our eminence 3500 years before. Please go back 3500 years ago to know who you are. We were the world class leaders, the proof is Catamaran, the precursor to the sea going ship and the constant flame lamp where the oil is above the flame was our inventions. The shifting weight irrigation system (Thula) was in use before Sir Isaac Newton came up with the theory of gravity. The extensive use of vegetarian food and high fibre brown rice were our inventions which the west is discovering now. Okinawan diets and Tamil diets are the two food habits that make you live longer but the introduction white rice that is the cause of oxidative degeneration of body cells and brain cells and the cause of metabolic diseases such as diabetes. Time to rediscover our lost heritage and help the world.

So folks next 2000 years belong to the dark skinned people. Am I a racist, yes I am? Then show me a living person who is not a racist and I ask for universal forgiveness. As my Italian friend said, we are all racist in one way or another. Only weak people talk about equality, others talk about excellence and eminence. It is the greedy man who feeds the world, not the man at the church. I saw a man at the temple on a Friday and then on Saturday I saw him at the Royal bank cashing my hard work issued to him as welfare cheque. Talk about religion. It is people like me who toil in the building designed to house machines who make wealth for all. There is saying in Tamil, “Your God is your work and your temple is your work place”. If every citizen of the planet lives by this proverb there will never be any war, famine or pestilence.

No Tamil should ever live on hand outs, welfare cheques, pan handling, on loans and borrowed money. God has put a cornucopia in our head and in every one else’s head to take control of our life and lead a contended life. Let’s do that as world-class people. No Tamil should be burden on any other community. It was a good lesson that after the 2009 genocide of 40,000 Tamils by shameless Singhalese barbarians, Indolent Indians and character less Chinese, we learnt that nobody cares and it is our own duty to take care of ourselves.

Tamils must learn to control their own destiny by taking control of their education, economy and entrepreneurship and remember that the economy is the mother of freedom and who ever control the economy will control the world. Let’s do that. Today we see the fruits of our efforts in early 1980 when we helped Tamils to settle and start businesses in Canada, just visit Toronto Industrial heart land and see for yourself what we have done to a community that was made stateless, penniless by the Singhalese barbarians. No offence to any Singhalese you stop calling us terrorists we stop calling you barbarians. Right or Wrong?

Now we are taking that experience and translate into world wide effort to recuperate our people in South India, North Sri Lanka and other nations. People in those lands please be patient, stop watching movies and move ahead to educate your children and get them into universities and into entrepreneurship. Entrepreneur is person who combines God given assets such as Land, Labour, Capital, Management and information to make life good for all. One good thing the barbarians were not able to take away from us was our capacity to think and to appreciate the creative capability God gave us. Thank you God.

It is time for Tamils to stop being schizophrenic and become scintillating performers and to become White phosphorus, white phosphorus refers to the stubborn determination. Today Tamils around the world are proud of our heritage and how we survived the genocide by Sri Lankan Singhalese barbarians, with the help of indolent Indians and clumsy Chinese, two senselessly over populated nation in the world. We showed the world that we are indeed world-class people who have the capacity to emerge from any disaster, man made or otherwise. These two nations India and China are living in the logographic primitive world when the whole world has moved into alphabetic world of communication. They talk about economic super powers without a proper medium of communication.

We Tamils did not seek the help of any one but every one joined the aggressor to call us terrorist and the barbarians to destroy our will and might. Whatever we sought from the Super powers never materialized, we asked the world government for human rights that was not done; we see an uncaring, insensitive world lie wasted ahead of us.

Not one leader raised his voice and said that is INJUSTICE; please do not kill the innocent Tamil people. Calling themselves leaders, they are the losers. This morning I heard that a group of Tamils in front of the US embassy. Tamil must stop begging and start doing it on our own. Why USA why not ask China for help? Why not ask you first.

My dear friends, Work hard, stay to together and as hermit the frog said never ever give up. Every one is responsible to some one above us and we have to be responsible to our people who are the multiple manifestations of universal morality we call GOD,

Thank you very much.

I am, Subramaniam Masilamany, a world-class Tamil powered by convictions, commitments and Conscience.